Based on personalized service and experienced industry professionals, Trade Audio tailors the appropriate equipment for your specific communication needs. All Major brands are available for purchase. We can provide a custom fleet or assist in adding equipment to your current group at the most competitive prices, guaranteed. We ship local, nationwide, and international.



In our rental fleet we supply reliable walkie talkie equipment and a full range of accessories. All equipment that leaves our headquarters is sanitized and undergoes strict quality checks and always includes fully charged batteries. Equipment is packed in easy to transport pelican cases with wheels for your transportation convenience. Short and long term rental (daily, weekly, or monthly) rates available. We ship nationwide next-day or ground.



If your radios are not working properly or just need routine maintenance, Trade Audio has technicians with over 30 years of experience available to meet your needs. Our in-house repair shop guarantees the fastest turn-around time in the industry. We only replace damaged parts with original manufacturer parts. At our diagnostic center, we will test your equipment and offer solutions to keep it working at peak performance levels. With our communication system analyzers, we are able to identify problems quickly to avoid incurring costly future repairs or difficulty communicating properly.

We understand the need to keep costs low and increase productivity during the life cycle of your equipment. Battery life can be a major factor for how your radios perform. Our battery analyzer can determine when you should expect to replace your battery or if it’s operating at optimal potential, allowing you to not have any unexpected battery issues.

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